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Nestlé Middle East, MBC Al Amal and Arabian Radio Network establish program for healthier children


Nestlé Middle East, MBC Al Amal and Arabian Radio Network establish program for healthier children

Nestlé Middle East, MBC Al Amal and the Arabian Radio Network launch United for Healthier Kids (U4HK). U4HK strives to help parents with children aged between four and 12 years develop healthier habits in their kids, educating them on healthy choices related to drinking, eating and lifestyle.

The World Health Organization claims that global obesity rates have doubled since 1980, leading to 42 million obese children by 2021. If the rate continues to grow as it is presently, by 2025 the number of obese children will increase to 70m. U4HK’s focus areas are developed around the concept of more: more movement, more water, more fruits and vegetables, and more managed portions.

Dr Nahla Hwalla, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture & Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut, says in a press statement, “Tackling growing childhood obesity rates must be a priority for all parties concerned with public health in the region and the drive to do that can certainly benefit from the involvement of as many in the private and public sectors as possible. International studies show that 30 percent of obese preschoolers and 40 percent of obese schoolchildren become obese adults, making obesity reduction all the more vital.”

“The youth are the next generation and leaders of tomorrow. Healthy minds and active bodies are leadership enablers, especially when coupled with the right set of skills, knowledge and education,” says Mazen Hayek, MBC Group’s official spokesman.

Yves Manghardt, chairman and CEO, Nestlé Middle East, adds, “Nestlé is committed to promoting healthy diets and lifestyles, with a specific focus on children. As the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, we offer unique expertise to help tackle the diverse nutrition challenges facing people in the region and we have the capacity and, more importantly, the determination to contribute to healthier kids.”

Nestlé Middle East invites the public to become a member of the movement and signing up at website has tips for educating parents and children about a healthier lifestyle.


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