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Gameloft Advertising Solutions partners with Moat


Gameloft Advertising Solutions partners with Moat

Gameloft Advertising Solutions has partnered with Moat, a SaaS analytics and intelligence company focused on building products for brand advertisers and premium publishers, to offer trusted third party measurement and the ability to transact on viewable impressions delivered through the Gameloft mobile advertising network.

The mobile ad ecosystem has been growing exponentially and is expected to surpass desktop by accounting for 51 percent of global digital ad spending this year, according to eMarketer forecast. By 2018, mobile ad spending will rise to $166 billion, or 66 percent of total digital ad spend. As such, mobile has become the first digital screen and the most accessed device, making viewability more important than ever. Through this partnership, Gameloft Advertising Solutions offers brands the ability to analyze viewability and attention metrics with greater precision and transact on viewable impressions, as defined by the MRC and measured by Moat.

“Transparency and viewability are increasingly at the forefront of brands’ digital advertising strategy. They have always been at the heart of our commitment to our clients’ success and this partnership with Moat confirms it. With the integration of Moat’s analytics to our solutions, we provide advertisers with the key insights and metrics they need, as well as 100% viewable impressions guaranteed on all brand campaigns,” adds Alexandre Tan, vice-president of advertising at Gameloft.

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