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University of Roehampton, London Online introduces MSc in Marketing


University of Roehampton, London Online introduces MSc in Marketing

Today’s businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver results because of high demand and increased competition. As a result, organizations – local and global, big and small – are in need of marketing professionals with specialised skills who can stay ahead of rapidly evolving trends. The University of Roehampton’s new fully online MSc in Marketing degree programme was developed to provide students with a solid understanding of contemporary marketing issues and strategic practices they can implement to help drive business and revenue growth.

“Contemporary marketing expands beyond the traditional 4Ps – product, place, price and promotion. Today’s successful marketing professionals need to acquire the required competencies to contribute to the implementation of their company’s strategic objectives while keeping an open window on the world. The acquisition and use of these competencies will help their business compete within an environment of increasing consumer demand worldwide,” says Tony Mancini, academic director, management programmes for the University of Roehampton, London Online in a press statement.

In a country where Internet penetration rates are only growing, academic institutes are turning to the online platform to further their programmes. At the beginning of 2014, several decision markers and leaders from the Middle East attended the Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-university annual congress exhibition) on excellence in e-learning. Several academic officers believe that the quality of education offered by online courses is as good as or better than that offered by face-to-face learning. This year alone, the University of Roehampton has seen a 30 percent increase in the number of UAE-based expatriates enrolled on online programmes.

Mancini adds: “Whether you’re looking for career growth opportunities, career changes, or if you’re a business owner or aspire to be one, the MSc in Marketing can help position you as a strategic partner within your company to further influence markets”.

The course integrates current topics such as big data, e-marketing, trend prediction, ethical practice and cross-cultural differences to provide students with a holistic understanding of the subject. The practitioner-based programme, focuses on application through working on projects, so students are able to develop in-demand skills and understand them in the context of the global marketplace.

Roehampton Online also recognises relevant professional experience in place of a bachelor’s degree as an alternative route to admission.

For more information on the University of Roehampton’s online masters programmes, please visit

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