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mCanvas partners with IAS Media in the Middle East


mCanvas partners with IAS Media in the Middle East

Described as an ad storytelling platform for millennials, mCanvas has partnered with IAS Media in the Middle East to bring its mobile ad formats to the GCC market. The partnership will give IAS Media exclusive access to mCanvas’ proprietary mobile ad technology for use in GCC while mCanvas will leverage IAS Media’s advertiser and publisher relationships to expand its business in the GCC region.

mCanvas has created new mobile ad formats that it claims are 100 percent viewable, user-initiated and highly engaging. An in-house team of copywriters and designers creates ads that etch mobile sensors in the creative to deliver immersive experiences via rich media innovations and video innovations. “Blending art and technology has been a key focus at mCanvas and enabling emotional connections between brands and consumers,” says a press statement.

Lavin Punjabi, CEO & co-founder mCanvas, says, “We’ve been fortunate to have a great run in the Indian market having serviced over 100 local and international brands. To accelerate growth internationally we decided to partner with IAS Media. The team at IAS Media is in tune with the needs of digital marketers in the Middle East and we know how well they will leverage the mCanvas platform within their service offerings.”

“Brands are always looking to create unique experiences that positively influence consumer purchases decisions and given the exponential increase of media consumption on mobile, this partnership was a logical decision,” adds Binu Mathew, senior vice-president at IAS Media.

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