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Criteo’s new tech offers personalized creative ads in real-time


Criteo’s new tech offers personalized creative ads in real-time

Performance marketing tech company Criteo has launched ‘Kinetic Design,’ its patent-pending ad creation technology that delivers visually stunning, on-brand ads that are contextually optimized for every consumer and rendered in real-time without the need to define ad sizes or layouts upfront. Each client’s brand identity and ad requirements are translated into a comprehensive, machine-based framework that specifies the visual presentation, allowing marketers to drive greater customer engagement, improve reach, and achieve unmatched ad performance while maintaining brand aesthetics across campaigns.

Kinetic Design has the ability to generate over 17 trillion visual design variations in addition to Criteo’s product recommendation feature, which ensures ad content is also tailored to each consumer’s real-time shopping interest. Marketers are now able to manage their message and brand experience across the digital experience. In a test of 44 billion impressions conducted by Criteo, Kinetic Design’s advanced capabilities advertising engagement and boosted sales by up to 15 percent.
“Kinetic Design allows marketers to achieve a strong brand identity, while still seeing the unmatched performance on which we have built our reputation,” says Patrick Wyatt, senior vice-president, product management at Criteo, in a press statement. “The combination of exceptional content and granular personalization with new branding and design capabilities will allow marketers to execute impeccable campaigns.”

Kinetic Design is now available to all 13,000 Criteo clients worldwide.

Kinetic Design is based on a foundation of three core components:

  • Composer: This technology allows Criteo’s creative services teams to build a digital design framework for each client based on their individual brand guidelines. This design framework scales to enable personalization to Criteo’s 1.2 billion+ active monthly users while maintaining consistent brand representation.
  • Real-time creative optimization: In order to ensure that each visual design is informed by consumer behavior, Kinetic Design optimizes each ad based on real-time consumer insights and contextual awareness by selecting the most relevant branded design elements from the design framework built by Composer.
  • Renderer: By eliminating ad-size or layout restrictions, Renderer makes it possible to dynamically generate the most optimal layout and fit any ad size on any publisher’s inventory.

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