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Grey to handle Nakhla’s marketing initiatives globally


Grey to handle Nakhla’s marketing initiatives globally

Grey Beirut has won the global advertising account for water pipe firm Nakhla Tobacco Company. Part of Grey Group MENA, Grey Beirut will orchestrate Nakhla’s brand, trade and consumer marketing initiatives globally.

Karim Nader, Grey Beirut’s managing director, says in a press statement: “We are excited about our partnership with Nakhla. As part of our agreement, we will be collaborating together on handling the brand’s various marketing initiatives and we are thrilled to be fusing the creative minds in both of our teams, to drive the brand’s strength, growth and its engagement with consumers.”

Nakhla’s global marketing lead, Elias Constantine, adds: “Our partnership with Grey will empower us to increase Nakhla’s brand equity and expand our reach while consolidating our leadership position in the market, and effectively communicating to various consumers through the right channels. We are looking forward to teaming up with Grey to embark on this exciting journey together.”

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