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BPG Maxus retains Global Village media account

Global Village


BPG Maxus retains Global Village media account

Earlier this year, BPG Maxus re-pitched for the opportunity to continue its partnership with Global Village. It has now re-won the account for the third consecutive time and will continue to develop and drive the brand’s media solutions in the Middle East. The renewed contract is applicable for the next three years.

“We are delighted to get an opportunity to continue our partnership with Global Village, yet again. Dubai is poised to be a global entertainment destination and we are excited to be part of it with the leading brand in that space,” says Satish Mayya, CEO, BPG Maxus, in a press statement.

“Global Village has grown many folds in size and entertainment options, into a revered brand in the region. BPG Maxus, over the years, has seen the dream with us and understands our aspiration to be the best in the world. This brings to the table insights and solutions that are filtered through years of learning and experience on the brand. We were happy to see the same hunger and passion but new ideas during the pitch process,” adds Bader Anwahi, COO, Global Village.

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