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ALISA PR launches new website

Alisa PR website


ALISA PR launches new website

Following its recent opening, ALISA PR has launched a new website at

As part of its brand identity growth, the new site is designed to reflect its core values of truth, trust and transparency shared across relationships with media and clients as professional public relations practitioners.

Alisa D’souza, Owner at ALISA PR says in a statement, “The new mobile-friendly website also reflects our belief that brand communication should be built on strategic ideas that connect to your audience, and we understand the power of storytelling to create newsworthy and compelling opportunities to build credibility and spread our client’s message across the stakeholder universe.”

The orange color is reflective of energy, warmth and the sun. “In color psychology, orange is a power color, optimistic, uplifting and is associated with meanings of happiness, success, joy, freedom, creativity, balance and expression. [It] relates to social communication and encourages two-way conversations. It is a vibrant and welcoming color that is both physically and mentally stimulating. It makes people think as well as speak. Hence, we believe in being a creative catalyst for starting a conversation with clients about meeting their needs in a competitive market,” she adds.

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