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What’s the most trusted news source in the UAE?



What’s the most trusted news source in the UAE?

According to a YouGov study of more than 1,000 residents, commissioned by MEPRA, print publications are the most trusted source of news for products and services (48%), followed by both, TV and radio at 44%, and blogs coming in as the least trusted at 39%.














Interestingly, 57 percent said social media has become a key source of information about goods and services today compared to five years back, making it the most important source of information.

But, 50% said they have little trust in what they see on social media.

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Newspapers were the second-most important source of information for 50% of the respondents, followed by television (45%) and radio (41%).

However, there is a general distrust in mainstream news media with 59% agreeing that so-called ‘fake news’ has lowered their trust in mainstream news media.

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