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What you didn’t know about the MENA traveler


What you didn’t know about the MENA traveler

Google has partnered with Sojern to understand more about the MENA traveler, from the destination decision to in-destination behavior using search data, customized research and Sojern, a global performance marketing engine for travel brands, to layer on the company’s travel intent and booking data from 350 million anonymous traveler profiles.

Here are the four most interesting things:

Time of booking

Outbound bookings peak in August and December, which isn’t surprising considering the summer and post-Ramadan lull as well as the holiday season at the end of the year

Digital connectivity

The consumer remains online and connected through the travel journey, but this connectivity dips slightly at the time of booking where some travelers choose to book offline.

Still, 40 percent of those who book online spend time researching online prior to the offline purchase.

Mobile-first travel

53 percent of outbound travel queries were generated on mobile, and an even higher 64 percent queries for regional travel were on mobile.

Up until users decide to book, it’s all on mobile.

But, the actual booking is NOT on mobile.

Side note: A separate research states that travel bookers in KSA and UAE account for the highest proportional shares of mobile bookings, globally.

It’s time for travel operators in the region to up their mobile game and offer safe, secure and seamless experiences on mobile!

On-trip connections

People who take their smartphones along when traveling for…

Work: 88%

Leisure: 85%

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