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Touch Lebanon celebrates Independence Day


Touch Lebanon celebrates Independence Day

Lebanon is a country that is always one brick away from being divided. And so, when on November 4 – two weeks before Lebanon celebrates its 74th year of independence – the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad el Hariri, suddenly resigned while in Riyadh, it left the country in a state of unrest, uncertainty and confusion. In this time, Lebanese mobile provider, touch, decided to send a message of unity to all the Lebanese on Independence Day with a campaign that embodies hope, unity, strength in solidarity and inclusion.

The film, which was placed on touch’s social media channels and all of Lebanon’s TV stations, brings together the Lebanese from all walks of life.

The visuals, with photographs taken in the richest areas of the country, showcase a Lebanon its people unite to preserve. And the headlines take bits and pieces from the Lebanese National anthem, adding meaning to lines that everyone knows, but doesn’t necessarily understand.

The campaign saw massive participation across the country from TV hosts such as, Chef Antoine Cynthia Khalifeh and Michel Azzi; musicians such as, Guy Manoukian, Marc Hatem, Nicola El Hakim and Youssef Nassar; influencers such as, Tony Abou Ghazaly and Ghina Ghandour Daouk; organizations such as, Harley-Davidson Lebanon, Poly Liban, and Middle East Airlines; and governmental institutions such as, Internal Security Forces, the Lebanese Army and Civil Defense Lebanon.


Executive Creative Director: Nicolas Geahchan

Creative Director: Paola Mounla

Art Director: Elie Nasr

Junior Copywriter: Maher Dahdouh

Managing Director: Tarek Haddad

Account Director: Hadi Abukhuzam

Account Manager: Ramzy Salhab

Account Executive: Mohamad Kobrosly

Production Company: Intaj

Director: Mazen Fayad

Music Composer: Guy Manoukian


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