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Centrepoint targets youth in this relatable new campaign


Centrepoint targets youth in this relatable new campaign

Middle East fashion retailer Centrepoint has launched its latest brand campaign, “Show Yourself”.

Conceptualized by Impact BBDO, Dubai, the campaign embodies the new brand positioning of promoting confidence through fashion.

“With a shifting consumer, cultural and competitive landscape, our new brand strategy focuses on positioning Centrepoint with purpose and pride heralding a new era for fashion-retail. The brand campaign is a reflection of our ‘purpose driven’ thinking and puts the consumer right at the centre of the action,” says Simon Cooper, head of Centrepoint, in a statement.

The brand’s different and modern approach became evident in its “Unlead Greed” Sale campaign that ran in December 2017. Now, “Show Yourself” successfully targets the youth through a powerful message that most can relate to – especially in the UAE where the average consumer age is 30 years*.

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Shyam Sunder, senior head of marketing, adds, ““Show Yourself” is based on a simple insight: lack of confidence often buries people under layers of self-doubt and uncertainty. Thus, making the brand platform an invitation to the inner-self, to break through the layers of ‘self-doubt’ that curb expression.”

Produced by Truffle, Beirut, and directed by Martin Stirling, the film tells the story of The Boy Nobody Could See and features Passenger cover Let her go by Anna Pancaldi and Arch Birds.

Fadi Yaish, ECD of Impact BBDO, Dubai, adds: “I’ve always identified with introverts. There have been times where I have felt comfortable blending in with the surroundings or the furniture even. But my best moments have come, when I’ve taken the courage to show the world that I exist.”

*According to Santander Trade

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