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Ipsos MENA appoints new CEO of IIS & Operations

Joseph Habre, Ipsos MENA


Ipsos MENA appoints new CEO of IIS & Operations

Ipsos MENA HAS appointed Joseph El Habre as the new CEO of Ipsos Interactive Services (IIS) & Operations in MENA.

The role of IIS-Operations in Ipsos is to prospect and implement innovative and interactive data collection methods for online and offline researching.

Ipsos’ goal is to create information that is useful to making smarter, more effective decisions. The research company does this using a variety of techniques, one of them being through an IIS Online Access Panel, which is in addition to the offline services which are now paperless and on tablets, using the latest technology that provides highest control.

The IIS panel has grown to around 4.8 million members from across the globe and approximately 500,000 in the MENA region covering eight countries (UAE, Lebanon, KSA, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan and Kuwait). The panel provides access to people in real time on their mobile devices using the latest in mobile technologies. The services provided offer the same level of security, cost, and speed efficiency that come with all Ipsos’ work.

El Habre’s new role as CEO of IIS-Operations includes ensuring the running surveys using optimal and various range of techniques at high quality levels to be able to derive the most accurate and secure results. He will also oversee the expansion of the Observer department and the IIS Online panel in the region.

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