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Communicate Online | Regional Edition | Advertising, marketing, public relations and media in the Arab world and beyond

What you need to know about Buro24/7’s new HQ and CEO

Nick Smith Buro24:7


What you need to know about Buro24/7’s new HQ and CEO

In 2015, Communicate’s parent company Mediaquest started its joint venture with Buro 24/7, the international and contemporary news website covering fashion and lifestyle. At the time, Buro 24/7 has launched local versions in ten countries and regions, including Russia, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Ukraine and central Europe with plans to launch in another 12 countries.

Now, just over two years later Buro 24/7 has relocated its headquarters to London and appointed Nick Smith as its new CEO.

In light of these changes, we look at what Smith has to say about the company’s plans:

What is your vision for Buro24/7?

Buro24/7 made its name by being an innovator and a digital-first media brand that forged its way into new markets focusing on a younger generation. As a team, we want to take this wonderful essence of the brand and create an even stronger global network for our audiences, our partners and our advertisers alike.

What do you find unique about Buro24/7?

Buro24/7 is a global brand with strong local engagement in each of its markets. Buro24/7 appreciates today, that luxury for a younger generation is changing and means different things in different parts of their lives – not just in fashion and beauty, but in travel, culture and the arts. We like to cater for the luxury of a new wardrobe or the luxury of time and experience in the one easy-to-use destination. I also think we have a great pool of talent across the global network with diverse backgrounds and expertise. I’m excited to visit our individual markets to meet the local teams who have a deep understanding of their audiences and culture.

Why has Buro24/7 set up a headquarters in London?

Having our headquarters in London gives Buro24/7 an even greater global perspective. With a team here in the UK and the brand present in many countries, plus more I hope in the near future, we’re geared to take the brand and the company into an exciting new era.

What do the new Buro24/7 headquarters look like?

Well, we are just moving into our new offices in Great Marlborough St in Soho. We have our System magazine team based here of course, who run an incredible global magazine brand that has enjoyed great success by celebrating the fashion industry and its impact on the world. We are also attracting the very best talent with new appointees in Matt Jones, our Digital Director, and Patrick Waugh our Creative Director. Matt joins us from public relations agency KCD and before that he was the head of digital at the Dazed Media Group. Patrick has been driving brand and content at retail powerhouse Topshop and Topman and has also worked in magazine art direction for fashion magazine brands Pop and Arena Homme +. We’re also laying down our plans for growth in offering global clients access to our creative content expertise.

What’s your background?

I love media and publishing and have been in the Australian media industry for many years. I had the great honour of being the Editor in Chief of GQ Australia and then moved on to hold the role of Director of Prestige & Lifestyle for News Corp Australia, looking after great brands such as Buro24/, Vogue Australia, Vogue Living, GQ Australia and many other brands.

How are you adjusting to London life?

Well, I tell you the weather hasn’t been as bad as people say. We’re going into summer, so it’s the perfect time to arrive. I’ve been busy meeting all the team members and busy introducing myself to our key partners, so I haven’t had too much downtime. I look forward to enjoying the restaurants and the multitude of things to do in London when I get the time.

This Q&A originally appeared in Buro24/7

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