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Bathroom tech that you may (or may not) need


Bathroom tech that you may (or may not) need

The whole world is going digital, and bathroom utilities are no exception. As part of the smart home from the future, from refrigerators to stoves, lighting or heating systems, high-tech bathrooms are something consumers are diving more and more into (so to speak). And no, we don’t mean half-a-flush full-flush toilet seats or sensor-equipped faucets…

  • A gaming sensation

Bathrooms have served as an escape for most people; we take our phones, books or magazines in with us, sit and relax for sometime (hours?). Toilets are also work’s #1 place for extra breaks… Gaming bathrooms take this to a whole new level. But the queue of people waiting for you to finish will perhaps be a tad longer.

  • The AI toothbrush

Artificial Intelligence has been creeping its way through technologies, but who would’ve thought we might need it to brush our teeth?  For example, you could now get a brushing score with Oral B’s Genius X toothbrush which tracks your hygiene record (click here for a demo video). Would you add it to your wish list?

  • It is not myth; you can have it all

This basically solves all your toilet problems. Ran out of tissues? No problem. Ran out of soap? That is not an issue either. Too cold? Your toilet seat can warm you up. Hand- and napkin-free toilet seats have been around for quite some time and are widely spread in Eastern Asia. The seat is equipped with warming tech, a bidet that can sprint water while seated, self-rising lids, driers, and (of course) automatic water-saving flush. Bonus points: the seats are self-cleaning.

  • Shower sanctuary

Showers have always been the ultimate sanctuary and isolation from the real world. There have been countless attempts to further enhance your showering experience. It goes from controlled shower temperatures to water pressure, even voice recognition for personalized showers through apps.

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