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TCM Big App responds to Apple trademark opposition


TCM Big App responds to Apple trademark opposition


After 20 years of development, long established Apt Projects Ltd is about to launch its online TCM Big App Store but has had its trademark application opposed by Apple Inc.  Despite Apple Inc losing its lengthy battle against Amazon’s use of ‘Appstore’, it still maintains that ‘TCM Big App Store’ breaches its UK and EU ‘App Store’ trademarks.

Apt Projects state that this is not the case.  They have coined the term ‘Big App’.   A Big App is essentially a business management software solution designed for a specific type of business which runs on PCs or a server network, not mobile phones.

The TCM Big App Store will sell ‘TCM Big Apps’ which are developed using Apt Projects’ TCM Software Development Kit which has taken the two creators, Tony Rust and Andrew Groom, 20 years to develop and refine.

Managing Director Tony Rust says: “This has been 20 years in the making for myself and Andrew with over 100,000 hours dedicated to its development and we believe it will be the next big thing on the internet. We’ve got a zany marketing campaign – the world’s first online department store, The TCM Big App Store, with 12 floors covering seven acres and 700 counters and an Internet Lift that has a capacity of 3,000 persons.

“There are many thousands of different business types in the world and the expectation is that there should be a backbone solution available for every one of them.  But at the moment there isn’t.

“The idea behind the TCM SDK [software development kit] is to provide a quicker and easier development tool.  It’s not only programmers who could switch to using TCM SDK and save themselves months or years of development time but also those many business people who put together clever processes and systems using Word ,Excel, Outlook and maybe an Access database too.  With the TCM SDK they can now have a far more powerful tool with which to create a backbone database with integrated processes and solutions for their specific businesses.  It’s the range of user-configurable features and functions which make the TCM SDK special.  For example, no other database has the range of user-definable record field types than those within TCM.

The TCM Big App store will provide shop space for the army of TCM Big App Developers which they plan to recruit.  The Developers will be able to sell the software they design and if a developer creates a successful range of products we’ll provide a department within the store to help them to develop their own brand.”

The inventive company follows a similar business model to that of phone app stores such as Windows, Google and Apple but where phone apps are sold for single figures, TCM Big Apps are sold for hundreds of pounds.  This means potentially big earnings for Big App Developers.

The company aims to reach £200,000 in its Venture Giant crowdfunding campaign.  It is also selling shares online from its own website.

The TCM SDK is a revolutionary, easy to use development system.  It comes with an activation code preventing illegal copies and which also enables the company to provide rental versions to businesses. With a marketing strategy aimed at the entire English speaking world, the company aims to sell their business software packages at affordable prices with comprehensive support and guidance to assist in the process. Their daily webinar ‘TV Channel’ is designed to clarify, instruct and educate viewers further.

Rust adds: “The process for developers is easy because 80 percent of most business systems are the same and it’s this big element of the work that the TCM SDK has already taken care of.  It’s only the final 20 percent, for the specific configuration, which makes many business solutions different from each other and the TCM SDK has tools which makes this part quicker and easier to do too. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of creating a multitude of functions that can be integrated into an overall business solution. The countless number of programmers, endless array of businesses and the deep pool of potential customers who will benefit hugely from these systems reassure us that our company will mirror the success of phone app companies.”

The TCM Big App Store is currently very advanced in its preparation for launch and is seeking funding to help with the last push towards this aim.

Investors are promised a handsome return on investments and a stake in the business, including £1 per £1 invested as a dividend for the first distributable profits garnered.

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