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ISF Doesn’t Want You to Become a Victim


ISF Doesn’t Want You to Become a Victim

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced the launch of their new anti-cybercrime campaign حتى_ما_تكون_ضحية (“So You Don’t Become a Victim”).

Cybercrime is an illegal activity by way of computers and digital tools as a primary resource. It includes hacking, child soliciting and abuse, trafficking (drugs, humans, organs), cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying, and copyright theft and piracy. According to the Lebanese Army website, child pornography is, sadly, the most common cybercrime globally with a 35% rate, followed by fraud (33% rate).

Global rates of most occurring cybercrimes

It is also worth noting that, according to global computer security and intel company McAfee’s 2018 Cybercrime Report, the estimated cost of cybercrime to the global economy is $600 billion; an estimated two-thirds of web users (around two billion people) had their personal data stolen or comprised.

Estimated daily cybercrime activity – McAfee 2018 report

The head of General Security in Lebanon Abbas Ibrahim and the minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya Hassan explained at the event that this campaign aims to raise awareness around the dangers of cyberspace in order to protect citizens, children in particular. Ibrahim and Hassan repeatedly warned that Internet is not a game, and that everyone could be a target of cybercrime.

Ibrahim also noted that the authorities have been using cyber technology to fight terrorist organizations that have been recruiting members online.

To further demonstrate the objectives behind the campaign, the Lebanese General Security tweeted a series of videos with the Arabic hashtag #حتى_ما_تكون_ضحية; the video that has generated the most engagement so far (with 349 retweets – everything’s relative) showed a young girl chatting with a stranger online trying to get intimate photos of her and concluded with “Internet is not a game”. Another, titled “This Button Doesn’t Get You to Heaven” and addresses suicide bombers.

Clearly, ISF is not mincing words and tries to impact on the Lebanese public the importance of these issues. Are you concerned yet?

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