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International Women’s Day, here’s what brands had to say:

Liban Post


International Women’s Day, here’s what brands had to say:

Women’s International Day is celebrated worldwide to empower women and to draw attention to their remarkable achievements throughout history. Brands and marketers take this opportunity to send messages that thank women and highlight the roles they play. We heard about tributes done by several brands such as Johnnie Walker, and McDonald’s, but we had to see what was going on in Lebanon on this day.

Liban Post:

One of the brands that had a special way of celebrating International Women’s Day was Liban Post. Lebanon’s national post office, took the chance to launch an online campaign that was produced by Uf Concepts and that honored ten women who occupy several key positions at Liban Post. These women told their story of their motives for joining Liban Post and shared their opinion on the presence of women in male-dominated industries such mailing services. Liban Post has also announced that women form 45% of their workforce hoping that this percentage will encourage women to select the job they desire regardless of possible challenges.


For over 30 years, Always has also been empowering millions of girls globally through puberty and confidence education, and the provision of products to girls in need. More recently, the Always #LikeAGirl campaign has furthered these efforts by helping tackle key societal barriers to girls’ confidence. Always, the leader in global feminine care, launched the #LikeAGirl campaign to change the negative perception of the phrase and make “like a girl” a declaration that means downright amazing. The global campaign aims to help girls, especially as they enter puberty, feel proud and confident when they do things #LikeAGirl.

Always brought the #LikeAGirl movement to Lebanon in November 2017 through the formation of a #LikeAGirl team, headed by Miss Lebanon 2015 Valerie Abou Chacra and 3 winners of an
online competition, that ran in the Beirut Marathon to prove that running Like A Girl means doing it the best way.

To further help shed light on the issue, and to inspire girls to keep doing things #LikeAGirl proudly, Always recently partnered with 3 women in male-dominated fields, graffiti artist Lynn Acra, calisthenics gymnast Eva-Maria Mahfouz and programmer Rayan Al Zahab, to encourage Lebanese girls to follow their dreams. In a video, the girls are seen in real-life situations that capture how
intense but rewarding their chosen professions and hobbies are.

Other notable mentions:

Instead of a simple “Happy International Women’s Day” message, these local brands saluted women differently.

 L'Atelier du Miel

L’Atelier du Miel

Grand Cafe

Grand Cafe

El Denye Hek

El Denye Hek

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