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BLOM bank shines light on hopes and dreams

BLOM Bank Peace of Mind


BLOM bank shines light on hopes and dreams

BLOM Bank continues to be one of the top Lebanese banks and its symbol of a white cedar on a blue hill is ubiquitous throughout Beirut’s streets. Its mission has always been providing for people through its vision, services and products.

For the past couple of years, its “Peace of Mind” campaign has been built conveying this message, showing that people can enjoy the moment because they have peace of mind while in BLOM Bank’s hands.

BLOM Bank and its agency Impact BBDO teamed up with four of Lebanon’s renowned directors: Philippe Aractingi, Chadi Younes, Leila Kanaan and Jad Aouad, to create short three- to four-minute clips to show what peace of mind means to different people.

“This year, and to further establish BLOM Bank as the leading bank in Lebanon, Impact BBDO proposed a thematic campaign to ask the masses about their Peace of Mind, simply to give them the liberty to express it. Instead of promoting a service or a product, Impact BBDO and BLOM Bank decided to reach out to consumers by approaching them on a personal level through the art of film and storytelling,” says Roula Safi, VP – Lebanon, Impact BBDO.

The different clips that each of the producers has created have gone viral and are indeed miniature movies that depict different Lebanese hopes and dreams.

The directors had full creativity over the making of their clips, an unorthodox approach in Lebanon.

“When it comes to the production process, the agency dropped the traditional procedure and devised a special plan to give directors more freedom to express themselves. All directors received the same budget per film and had the final call on how to allocate this budget. There were no pre-production or production meetings. Each director took full liberty in his/her choice of cast, locations, music, etc.,” says Safi.

Younes adds: “When I was asked to work on a video based on BLOM [Bank]’s motto, I soon realized that the concept of ‘Peace of Mind’ means different things to different people at different stages of their lives. It also occurred to me that peace of mind and happiness don’t necessarily dance hand in hand,” says Chadi Younes, one of the four directors whose video dealt with a small boy leaving his home and beloved matchbox cars behind.

“In my short film, Habib the little boy has to let go of his most valuable treasure and finds comfort with his grandmother, who promises to take care of it. Her peace of mind, however, is knowing that he’s safe from harm, but sadly far away from her in a different continent. So, in essence, peace of mind can come from trust as well as great sacrifice.”

“BLOM Bank’s slogan is peace of mind. A beautiful slogan. For me, peace of mind is a state of mind. It is beyond success, beyond happiness. If I had to think how would peace of mind translate in terms of images, I would automatically imagine mountains, colored skies, shades of wind, trees, nature…,” says popular director Philippe Aractingi. His clip featured a Lebanese man, Raja, who after many obstacles finds his own peace of mind. “This man has a very peculiar story. He was destined to have a lot of success in France; destined to marry a woman that would give him his father’s farm. Yet, his path turned out to be different. He faced many failures and obstacles, but still managed to be in total peace with himself, thanks to the bewitching charm of the Lebanese mountains.”

“When you work very hard to reach your peace of mind, whatever it might be, you sometimes forget what you’re truly working for,” says director Leila Kanaan. “In this little story, when a model mom’s efforts seem ruined by a headache combined an in-laws invasion, she realizes that, for once, her daughter’s happiness can also come from life events she hasn’t meticulously planned for.”

The campaign has already been a great success. “Regarding the audience’s reactions, engagement levels peaked on BLOM Bank’s social media pages through the release of the films. Overall, the campaign works as a tool on how to interact with a great number of people in Lebanon and abroad, and also gives them the chance to open up and share their very own Peace of Mind stories with the world.”

It goes to show that when a client and their agency take the road less traveled, they can often come up with a campaign that gives us all peace of mind.

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