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Communicate Levant | Advertising, marketing, public relations and media in the Arab world and beyond

Tonic Internationals appoints new MD

Jacqui Hewett, Tonic


Tonic Internationals appoints new MD

Tonic International, a Dubai-based independent creative agency, has promoted Jacqui Hewett to managing director, which comes as a natural step after spending three years as general manager – media, where she was instrumental in transforming Tonic’s media division into a fully-fledged digital operation. 

In her new role, Hewett will oversee the group of companies across all departments, including branding, communications, digital and media, ensuring everyone works in an integrated way as one team. Over the past few months,Hewett has led an agency review to better understand the ever-changing landscape. With this in mind, Tonic will spend 2018 focusing on further building digital capabilities, to deliver a fully immersive experience for clients and their consumers. This will include strategy, via enhanced analytics, which informs smart and innovative branding. 

Hewett says in a statement, “We have transformed our digital performance business over the last few years and our clients perceive us as true pioneers in this space. Our fully integrated, end to end offering gives us the ability to guide our partners through the ever-evolving marketing environment. Ensuring that our team of experts across branding, advertising, digital and media are trained to focus on their business results. “The focus for Tonic is to really live and breathe why our agency exists. The short answer is to create meaningful relationships; whether it is between our clients and their customers or the agency and its employees. Even between creativity and reason, it is about examining, understanding and building upon the relationship concept.”

Arnaud Verchère, Tonic International, founder and head of strategy, adds: “Jacqui Hewett is one of a kind with her vibrant, cutting edge approach. Over the past three years, she transformed Tonic Media from a traditional media business into a digital, data-led performance machine. “Her impact is already being felt across our branding and advertising companies. It was only natural for her to take on the responsibility to grow the entire group. Our clients are already enjoying some of the changes we have implemented and there is a new energy flowing through the agency. I can’t wait to show the world what we have in store for the coming years with Tonic International.”

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