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GABS Celebrates 50 Years of Partnership with Suzuki

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GABS Celebrates 50 Years of Partnership with Suzuki

GABS “GA Bazerji & Sons”, the Exclusive Distributor of Suzuki vehicles in Lebanon, hosted the golden jubilee celebration to mark their successful partnership with Suzuki. The event took place at their branch located in Dora in the presence of the Chairman of the Board Mr. Nabil Bazerji, Mr. Assad Dagher, representative of the Dagher Hayek Group contributor to GABS, the Japanese Ambassador in Lebanon Matahiro Yamaguchi, the marketing director of Suzuki Mr. Kenji Saito alongside a number of political, social, military and economic figures as well as other partners, customers, friends and media people.

During the ceremony, a display of Suzuki cars both old and new took place, including the first car that was imported to Lebanon since the beginning of their partnership which dates back to the year 1968. In fact, the Bazerji family has been working in the automobile industry for a century now; their career began with them importing and distributing new cars, trucks and spare parts for the top automobile brands in the world such as Suzuki.

Mr. Nabil Bazerji, Chairman of GABS said, “Our relationship with Suzuki began fifty years ago, in 1968 to be precise, when my father Gabriel Bazerji and his brothers shipped the first Suzuki car to Lebanon. Together, GABS and Suzuki were able to make a big difference in the Lebanese car market by selling 50 cars a month at that time. Moreover, the Japanese company has a solid reputation in producing the perfect cars suitable for all regions and conditions, and today, we constitute 5.4 % of the domestic market, not to mention that Suzuki has scored the highest sales in the Middle East.”

Suzuki Marketing Director, Mr. Kenji Saito commented, “After fifty years of success, we only hope to keep witnessing a spectacular growth in sales. We started half a century ago with a few cars, today we are an important figure in the Lebanese market and we owe it to GABS and its entire team to make Suzuki one of the top selling cars in Lebanon.”

Suzuki has witnessed a significant development in Lebanon through GABS, which has successfully marketed Suzuki cars at its three major branches with the additional help of seven other dealers who have contributed directly to Suzuki’s 21% year-on-year sales growth to form one of the fastest growing car brands, which reaffirms the brand’s high quality customer services.

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