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BBAC launches its new brand identity



BBAC launches its new brand identity

BBAC launched its new brand identity at an official ceremony held at the Four Seasons Hotel-Beirut in the presence of a crowd of media figures and members of the press.

BBAC’s close relationship with its customers and community inspires the bank’s new brand identity . This relationship, which BBAC has always been distinguished for, is translated in its slogan “Your Caring Bank”. BBAC has redefined the traditional relationship banks have with their customers, incorporating care in its culture. This in turn has resulted in feelings of comfort, trust and a true sense of belonging between the Bank and its customers, as well as other stakeholders.

The new symbol manifests two persons, BBAC represented in blue, and the customers and the community in aqua. Both coming together as equal partners to form an interlocked circle, signifying the solid relationship between them.

In his speech, Sheikh Ghassan Assaf, Chairman and General Manager of BBAC, said, “This new chapter comes in light of the changes and developments taking place in the banking sector, especially in terms of technological developments. We meant for this change to reflect our modernity and openness as a bank while also preserving our 60-year legacy and achievements.”

Sheikh Assaf also emphasized his sincere optimism and faith in Lebanon and said, “Since 1956, we have been contributing to developing our country and we remain committed to caring for its people. We believe in Lebanon, which is known for its steadfastness and spirit of innovation regardless of the challenges.” Sheikh Assaf promised further expansions and the launch of innovative products, in addition to investing in digital services. All these activities aim to keep pace with the latest experiences happening around the world.

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