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Communicate Levant | Advertising, marketing, public relations and media in the Arab world and beyond

“From Darkness to Light” case study

Effie Mena Awards

“From Darkness to Light” case study

The 2015 edition of the Effie MENA Awards saw 23 campaigns walk away with the Gold trophy. We caught up with the winning agencies and the judges to learn what made the campaign tick, what didn’t and everything else that went on in the jury room. However, this time we turned the tables around and let the agency guys take over our jobs and play journalists for a day as they asked the judges everything they wanted to about their campaigns.

In this article, jury member Maryam Al Shorafa, head of corporate communications and marketing, Ajman Bank, and Joe Lahham, client services director, TBWA\RAAD, discuss Infiniti’s “From Darkness to Light”.

Effie awards won:

1 Gold: New Products/Services

Gaining the trust of consumers is a gallant objective, especially in a market like Saudi, making this campaign’s success an even bigger achievement. It was entered in the New Products/Services category, as the campaign promoted the new line-up, showrooms and distributor. Funnily enough, it wasn’t entered in any others, even the rather obvious Automotive category. Shorafa says that it would have made a great impact in the Best Use of Social Media category, due to the success it had in Saudi’s difficult social media scene. “It’s not easy to get Saudis to engage, because it’s a very difficult and dry market,” she says. She even adds that one of the points of discussion in the jury room was the surprise the judges felt that the campaign wasn’t entered in the other categories mentioned earlier.

In terms of campaign learnings, she wishes that the on-ground event could’ve been bigger to include more people, such as a potential city lights or art festival. “If it went out a bit more to people instead of limiting it to just the event, it would’ve reached people who didn’t attend the event and created more buzz,” she says.

Lahham, however, says that the campaign has, in a way, reached its peak. So, rather than building on this single campaign, the agency would look to build on its learnings, especially for the Saudi market. “We’re prepping two new campaigns and we have taken this case as a learning specifically for Saudi. We have two new products and one of them is specifically targeted to Saudis and it’s more about the family,” he says. He admits that it was a shy attempt, at least as far as on ground activation is concerned, “and this is what we’re fixing in the next campaign”.


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