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Garage366 receives recognition at the MENA Digital Awards

Garage366 team

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Garage366 receives recognition at the MENA Digital Awards

“Agency of the Year” title is the result of a ‘why not’ thinking and ‘can do’ attitude, says the agency

The MENA Digital Awards (MDA), a bespoke ceremony that honors digital innovation and media in the region, presented Garage 366 with eight accolades, most notably, MENA Digital Agency of the Year.

In response to the awarded title Agency of the Year, Ahmad Sabra, CEO and managing director of Garage 366, says, “Receiving this level of recognition is attributed to the dedication and talent of the team. Our corporate motto “Why Not” and our “Can do” attitude have allowed us to create unique opportunities and solutions for our clients, which have earned us trust and recognition in the market. Today, I am extremely proud to know that our work is held in such high regard by the selected panel of judges, who are themselves, exceptional industry talent.”

Sabra explains that the process of continual learning is a key aspect of the agency’s work ethic and contributes largely to the success of their campaigns. “The digital platform is becoming one of the biggest challenges in the market and so it has become an integral aspect of our work to educate ourselves and expand our repertoire in digital, to best serve the diversified needs of our clients. We believe, those that learn together, thrive together. Receiving and sharing information is our way of cultivating stronger awareness and partnerships in our industry,” he says.

According to Sabra, “unforgettable human experiences in advertising can only ever be achieved when prioritizing each and every working relationship.” He believes that the agency’s partnership assures a commitment, which goes beyond client expectations. Sabra stresses that the market is short of companies that have a local understanding of international capabilities and resources stating, “We aim to bridge that gap in areas where larger agencies are unable to provide this service by recruiting eager and passionate people with international work experience and providing them with the local knowledge through constant learning and on going trainings.”

To further consolidate the company’s status as a top-ranking media agency, Garage 366 has announced its plan to introduce a new way of empowering brands: Real-Time Engagement (RTE). “In 2017, we are offering RTE from a completely new angle,” Sabra says. “We are executing a long-term campaign to leverage on real-time relevant content. It is not as simple as conventional real-time marketing with social media or digital, as it involves meticulous, time-sensitive coordination and decision-making from different parties (Client, Agency & Media), who will publish content depending on the outcome of events.”

Additionally, Sabra also mentions “further diversification of our offerings in communications” and expansion “to Paris and Beirut in the near future.”

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