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Will this acquisition make Facebook more secure?

Facebook security


Will this acquisition make Facebook more secure?

Few weeks ago, Facebook took to its website to announce a major security flaw.

The statement said:

“The attackers used a portion of these 400,000 people’s lists of friends to steal access tokens for about 30 million people. For 15 million people, attackers accessed two sets of information – name and contact details (phone number, email, or both, depending on what people had on their profiles). For 14 million people, the attackers accessed the same two sets of information, as well as other details people had on their profiles. This included username, gender, locale/language, relationship status, religion, hometown, self-reported current city, birthdate, device types used to access Facebook, education, work, the last 10 places they checked into or were tagged in, website, people or Pages they follow, and the 15 most recent searches. For 1 million people, the attackers did not access any information.”

Hackers were given access to users through a bug in the “View As” feature  that exposed users profiles. Since then Facebook has been busy securing their Platform.

Close sources suggested that Facebook is in the works of acquiring a cyber security company which can prevent further cyber attacks that have been causing Facebook some trouble.

The acquisition is said to be finalized by the end of this year, according to The Information, but the names of the potential companies were not announced.

With a vast amount of personal data present online, and the ease of access given to hackers, Facebook is their goldmine.  Facebook has tried to handle previous situations, from data hacks to court accusation and investors’ threats. Not only this acquisition will secure Facebook’s data, but also polish Facebook’s grand status and prove that they are still learning till this day to put security first.

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