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Communicate Levant | Advertising, marketing, public relations and media in the Arab world and beyond

Sadeem judge DZJoker: on content creators with DZJoker


Sadeem judge DZJoker: on content creators with DZJoker

To be an influencer is no joke; it goes beyond social popularity. Following Sadeem season 2’s finale, Communicate Levant talks with regional influencer, screenwriter,director and Sadeem judge Lamrani Chemseddine (aka DZJoker) to dive deeper into the Middle East influencers world and Sadeem’s contribution to it.

What does Sadeem bring to the table?

It puts the light on the best content creators in the Arab world. It helps them to improve themselves, to challenge themselves, to get professional and live an amazing human experience.

What are the criteria for judging contestants? What made this season’s winner Mohy Yasser stand out?

Creativity: the message that the contestants want to convey via their videos, the authenticity of their videos… What made Mohy Yasser stand out is probably his multitasking skills. Mohy is a complete content creator, he is a good storyteller, he knows how to act on camera, how to edit, how to manage himself, he’s organized and he is a good director.

How are influencers in the region evolving?

They are getting more professional; they enrich their knowledge in terms of content, image quality, sophisticated editing, and they try to convey a real message via their videos.

How do Sadeem and the influencers impact society?

This season, Sadeem chose bullying for main topic. That’s an issue that many people are facing in real life and on social media. During the show, judges and contestants shared their personal experience of bullying and gave many recommendations and advice on how to pass through it, to manage it and stay strong no matter how cruel people can be to one another. That’s a way to have a positive impact on society as a show and as influencers.

Why were there no Lebanese influencers among the finalists this year?

Well, there were thousands of participations from all over the Arab world, but only 20contestants were selected based on the originality of their video and the strength of their message. Hopefully, we’ll see Lebanese and other nationalities next time. I’m sure there are still many talents hidden outside, best of luck to them.

What are the differences between influencers from North Africa, Levant and the Gulf, if any?

There are no differences between them; all are working in the same sphere. They sure have different languages, different ways to express themselves and different messages.However, they all share the same passion for the digital world, and that puts them all on the same level.

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