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Communicate Levant | Advertising, marketing, public relations and media in the Arab world and beyond

Awarded agencies of Lebanon take a bow!


Awarded agencies of Lebanon take a bow!

Communicate Levant celebrates the big wins of 2017

Despite Lebanon going through several so­cial and political crises in the past year, ad agencies were busy creating ideas and selling pitches. And Communicate Levant had its eyes firmly on the prize(s) to bring you all of the award winners of 2017.

This year Leo Burnett Beirut scored the high­est rating for two campaigns. Even though both campaigns were launched at the very end of 2016, they still managed hefty wins.

The first campaign, “Legally Bride” was done for KAFA, a Lebanese NGO that highlights the abuse faced by Lebanese women. The placement of a young bride next to an older groom out in the public was enough to get the Lebanese social media ablaze, earning Leo Burnett several Dubai Lynx awards.

Another campaign introduced by Leo Bur­nett Beirut was, “Undress 522”. The campaign was executed for ABAAD, which is a Lebanese NGO that specializes in the empowerment of marginalized groups, especially women. The campaign received several awards from Cannes Lions for several categories, such as PR, social awareness and non-governmental organizations.

FP7 Beirut came second for two campaigns, as well. The first was “Bald for You”, where FP7 teamed up with MTV to help spread breast cancer awareness, with “Francoise Freifer shaved her hair so others don’t have to.” The statement caused a series of changes, starting with people donating their hair to NGOs that turned them into wigs to give to cancer patients. FP7’s collabo­ration with Byblos Bank on “There’s No Home like Home” also granted them a win and started a series of beautifully executed campaigns for Byblos Bank.10-14-CLV87-Cover story.indd

Third place is shared between TBWA/RAAD and JWT Beirut. TBWA/RAAD executed a cam­paign for MTV that had a massive impact.

Through their mobile app, TBWA/RAAD helped MTV get reports of potholes’ locations, where MTV’s truck would come and fix them. In the presence of corrupt politicians and weak infrastructure, this step was received with enthu­siasm because MTV was actually leading major change. TBWA/RAAD received an Effie for the campaign, and a bronze Dubai Lynx for the fea­tured film that promoted the campaign.

After being crowned the ad agency of 2016 in Communicate Levant, and winning several awards last year with “The Good Note”, JWT Beirut also won a Grand Prix for the same campaign on chang­ing the way people perceive money.

Awards reward agencies that produce ground-breaking ideas that steal the show. And Lebanese ad agencies are no strangers to meeting – and surpassing – such demand.

Here’s to another year of award-winning cam­paigns from the Levant!10-14-CLV87-Cover story.indd



Communicate’s Agency of the Year ranking celebrates the most awarded campaigns of the year and the agencies creating them. We considered five big award shows globally and in the region: Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, Effie Global Awards, Effie MENA Awards, Festival of Media Global, Festival of Media MENA and the Clio Awards.

We tallied up the wins each campaign garnered across the shows and scored them according to the following system:

Grand Prix: 5 points

Gold: 4 points

Silver: 3 points

Bronze: 2 points

We gave points each time a campaign won one of these prizes. We noticed that some campaigns consisted of various different execu­tions. When all executions of a campaign won in the same category, we counted it as one win. Similarly, when only a part of the execution won in another category, we counted it as a one win. For instance, when two parts of a five-part campaign won in the same category we counted it as one win, and not two.

In some instances, the same campaign has been entered under slightly different names. We have considered this as one campaign so as to not dilute the points and affect the ranking of the campaign. However, in other instances, the same campaign (as far as we can tell) has been entered under completely different names. In such cases, we have considered both as two separate campaigns, as there was no way of individually verifying all such instances.

Additionally, if the same campaign has been entered by the network or by the office in different categories, we have considered the name of the entrant company (network or office) to be fair.

In instances where the agency has entered as a network across awards and categories, we haven’t considered its score for Most Awarded Agency of the Year; it has only been consid­ered for Most Awarded Network of the Year.


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