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Communicate Levant | Advertising, marketing, public relations and media in the Arab world and beyond

République designs ​​The LightPin.

Lightpin demo


République designs ​​The LightPin.

Millions of refugees around the world have no access to electricity, forcing them to rely on deadly​ alternative solutions such as kerosene lamps and candles. In 2017 an entire camp burned down in Lebanon from a fire that started from a gas canister explosion. This is when République decided to work on finding a sustainable, low cost and compact solution that would replace gas and candles. 

The solution was found in the laundry line that was found next to each 3×3 meter hut of each family.


An average clothespin spends around 8 hours in the sun everyday. the idea was to take those hours and put them to good use. And that’s how the first solar clothespin was created. All a person had to do was leave it in the sun all day and then bring it home at night and connect it to a low cost led lamp that would give light for several hours. 

Currently the invention is being tested at Refugee camps across the Lebanon with plans to take it global in the upcoming year.


The initiative

This initiative stems from an internal challenge to use creativity and design for greater good of the world. Creative minds are great at solving business-related problems, but creativity can also work out solutions for humans and the planet face.

The reward

On June 6th 2018, the Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity released it’s shortlists for the Innovation category. The LightPin Project was the only entry from MENA to be nominated among the 21 shortlists, other companies competing in the category include Google, Microsoft and Adidas. Official results will be released at the awards ceremony held in Cannes on June 21st.

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