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Mackenzie Jones presents Design Disruptors

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Mackenzie Jones presents Design Disruptors

Produced by design collaboration platform InVision, Design Disruptors is a full-length documentary showcasing the role of design in disruption and the increasingly powerful way in which design has been influencing the success of businesses, including everyone from giants like Google to relatively smaller companies such as Pinterest and Netflix.

First released in San Francisco in August 2016, this is the first time the film has been brought to the Middle East through an exclusive partnership with Mackenzie Jones.

“I’ve followed the making of this documentary for the past two years. When I found out it was available and that we could actually get the rights to show it in the UAE I thought this was something we had to do,” says Mohammad Aly, digital recruitment consultant at Mackenzie Jones. The screening event, which took place in Dubai’s Design District (d3) on October 11, also featured a panel discussion on design disruption. The panelists were Amol Kadam, co-founder of RBBi; Farhan Syed, Partner at KPMG Digital Transformation; Hussein Dajani, chief operating officer at Hug Digital; and, Paul Magee, vice-president of design and UX at Jawwy by STC.

Rightly understanding the challenge of design, Magee said: “Design’s challenge in any industry is to always try and perceive itself as a business advantage.” This was a sentiment that echoed across the panel. Moreover, design isn’t just about something looking pretty, but for it to actually work to solve a problem or touch human emotion.

As Kadam said, design disruption goes beyond just design: “It touches human emotion, solves the problem and, when it does that based on an insight, it’s disruption.”

For instance, the patent for cell animation was filed in 1914, but it wasn’t until 25 years later that Walt Disney created the first animated film and that was design disruption, explained Kadam. “It’s all based on human experience,” added Dajani.

Admittedly, disruption and innovation can be challenging for any organization – especially large legacy organizations – because it requires an entire shift in mindset and processes. However, as Syed pointed out, it really comes down to having the will to do it, because what’s the worst that will happen? “If you really care about change, you have to stand up and just do it, as Nike would say,” he quipped.

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