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Communicate Online and choose C1X SOKA

Digital and choose C1X SOKA

C1X (Class One Exchange), an independent ad tech and advertising and marketing technology (AMT) company has tied hands with two e-commerce marketplaces and to help them find difficult-to-source audiences directly and transparently.

C1X’s platform SOKA helps merchants promote products using native and customized advertisements on its seller bidding platform to advertise, execute and manage product campaigns.

Commenting on the partnership, Pawan Setpal, vice-president & head of business Middle East & Africa says in a statement, “We’re extremely pleased to partner with LetsTango and Zasttra to launch SOKA, C1X MarTech offering specifically designed for e-commerce platforms, in Dubai/SA. Ancillary revenue makes up a significant amount of revenue for marketplaces globally, directly impacting their bottom line. SOKA not only helps create ancillary revenue but also helps create a more robust marketplace.

Ahmad Naser – GM,, Dubai, UAE adds,C1X is a great platform to leverage native advertisements, we are looking forward a win-win situation for both our sellers and customers. C1X can help Letstango sellers to promote their products in few clicks with a small budget; it can help us to improve the seller engagement & sales on our platform. C1X ad solution can help the Letstango seller to enter the most prominent position in search, category or home page in few clicks.”

“We are looking forward to being able to offer retailers/merchants an alternative method of advertising and selling their products online. Instead of many methods of advertising (price comparison sites, search ads, and display ads), they will have a one stop place to advertise their products and sell while we take care of the digital marketing for the, making selling for online retailers easier and increasing their sales in our growing online store,” adds Adewale Adejumo, CEO,, South Africa.

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