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Garfield comes to Dubai in the form of a food-ordering mobile app



Garfield comes to Dubai in the form of a food-ordering mobile app

Bringing together ‘entertainment’ and ‘engagement’ – and food – co-founders Nathen Mazri and Pascal Haider have launched a restaurant dedicated to Garfield. Called “GarfieldEATS”, the restaurant lives inside a mobile screen in the form of a gamified food-ordering app.

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“Fast food brands must now shift from QSR (quick service restaurants) to QMR (quick mobile restaurants), a new rising industry that meets the everlasting shifting mobile app-economy today as three out of four customers will download an app, try new things and dine in at least thrice a month. Approximately, 88 percent of the online population use social networking sites daily and word-of-mouth and reviews remain the top influencers of purchase decision online,” says Mazri, explaining his decision to launch GarfieldEATS as a mobile app.

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Garfield’s creator, Jim Davis said he was delighted with the concept. “In 40 years, no one has ever come to me with a better thought-out plan to deliver great food in a fun and engaging way. I also admire their insistence on keeping the menu healthy and the environment safe,” he says.


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