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New media agency MY Communications opens in Dubai

Mohammed Khamis Ali Al-Yammahi, CEO, MY Communications


New media agency MY Communications opens in Dubai

UAE local Mohammed Khamis Ali Al-Yammahi has set up his own communications and digital marketing company MY Communications, headquartered in Dubai. Launched in June 2017, the company started servicing clients in September.

The agency’s services include PR, new media, digital marketing and advertising.

“Our aim is to open communication channels with both government entities and private sector companies,” says Al-Yammahi in a press statement. Although he wouldn’t name any clients, he says that the company is already working with government and semi-government organizations, as well as Abu-Dhabi based real estate companies.

Currently servicing the UAE, MY Communications plans to set up a dedicated PR division and expand geographically across the GCC and North Africa including Egypt and Jordan. “We are putting a plan to open offices in Kuwait and Riyadh next year,” which are expected to start our operations in the last quarter of 2018, adds Al-Yammahi.

What sets the agency apart, says Al-Yammahi, “First, is our understanding of true Emirati culture. Second is how to build and then maintain the most positive image of our clients towards the stakeholders they want to engage. Third is our specialist expertise within the government sector.”

Elaborating on what prompted him to get into the communications sector – a sector that doesn’t see many locals, he says, “The PR and new media industry is connecting directly with audiences like never before, with multiple channels delivering messages through more unique methods than at any moment in history. New media is shifting power to the user, and the public can increasingly select their content. So, I sought to apply my passion for this industry through entrepreneurship, providing an invaluable benefit to organizations from across the region and beyond.” 

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