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Ex-MEC GM, Yves-Michel Gabay, to helm French agency iRevolution in ME

Yahya El Mir, Yves-Michel Gabay & Grégory Pallière


Ex-MEC GM, Yves-Michel Gabay, to helm French agency iRevolution in ME

L to R: Yahya El Mir, Yves-Michel Gabay, and Grégory Pallière

Founded by Yahya El Mir and Grégory Pallière in Lyon, France, five years ago, iRevolution is responsible for driving digital transformation for its clients.

It has now opened its Dubai office to service the Middle East region with Yves-Michel Gabay at the helm.

The agency works across 20 countries and 70 markets with clients including Mars, Danone, Bonduelle, Royal Canin, Michelin, PSA, Sanofi, Merial, Boehringer Ingelheim, Richemont, Chanel, Dior and Lacoste.

The agency’s Dubai operations started in September 2017. In addition to helping regional companies diagnose their current digital capabilities and then develop a strategy, iRevolution also aims to seed a start-up spirit in the traditional companies. The company will also provide support and solutions for e-commerce.

Commenting on this new venture, Gabay says: “Thanks to our innovative technology solutions, disruptive methodology & cutting-edge expertise, the huge experience acquired in so many markets and our knowledge of the region we will be able to make digital transformation a reality for all the companies settled in the Middle East.”

Grégory Pallière, CEO and co-founder of iRevolution, adds that the agency will offer “three proven solutions to drive digital transformation”:

  • iWheel to evaluate and accelerate digital transformation
  • iWalk to implement and deploy new business initiatives
  • iScore to professionalize e-retail channels, which will help gain more business successes and revenue.

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