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Dulsco pitch won by consortium of WPP companies led by J. Walter Thompson

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Dulsco pitch won by consortium of WPP companies led by J. Walter Thompson

Dulsco has appointed a consortium of eight WPP companies, led by J. Walter Thompson, for a complete brand revamp.

The more than 80-year-old Dubai based and founded company, with over 12,000 employees that operates across HR Solutions and Waste Management, has set new and aggressive growth targets.

The WPP consortium will develop and roll out a new positioning and brand architecture across a wide range of stakeholders, internally and externally.

Kantar, Brand Union, Mirum, NewsLab, J. Walter Thompson Inside, Hill + Knowlton and Mindshare are all part of the team tasked with the assignment.

“We have found in WPP an ideal communication partner to help us accomplish our mission,” says David Stockton, Dulsco’s managing director, in a statement “Their passion for our strategic objectives was evident throughout the pitch process and we are confident that the international pedigree of the eight individual agencies, combined with their established local knowledge, makes them a strong choice moving forward.”

“I am very excited to work with a company that’s part of the fabric of the UAE. Structuring a bespoke solution to help deliver on the brand challenges and their massive business ambitions made us tap into a wide range of expertise across WPP companies in MENA which we manage centrally (a trend we see growing in the region),” adds Michiel Hofstee, J. Walter Thompson Company.

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